Can a committed relationship turn into casual with no regrets

Can a committed relationship turn into casual with no regrets post thumbnail image

How much emotionally attached we are in our long-term affairs? Psychologists say, it’s just a question of time and this strong connection fades away after some months or years.

When this happens, there are two ways to choose, either breakup or getting casual. The last way is much more positive and doesn’t leave any wounds or traces, since the pleasure goes on.

Partners separate if they lived together before, and stop going out together or tolerating each other’s friends and relatives. But if sex was good, it’s easy for them to continue having it.

They set the rules which are mostly about the absence of complaints and expectations. Since that moment, they meet only when it’s convenient for both, even if it’s only once a month.

They may have other partners as well and there should be no jealousy. No one bears any responsibilities anymore regarding each other’s family members, pets, or neighbours.

Not many couples are open-minded enough to learn how to turn their relationship into a hookup. But if they do, it’s only healthy and friendship-saving for them. This way is always beneficial and profitable.

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