Why is San Diego so good for travel hookups in US?

Why is San Diego so good for travel hookups in US? post thumbnail image

In case you didn’t realize that, San Diego is the best place to travel and hookup in US, for so many reasons. Amazing beaches there just mean many categories of single girls would welcome you.

Bar girls and dancers

Remember that California nightlife wouldn’t be so perfect without this fascinating city. Many young sexy girls are working as waiters, bar girls, strippers, or escorts, so they’re all ready to hookup.

Sugar babies and trophy girlfriends

There is a big army of those in San Diego, both due to the intense glamorous life in California and due to the somewhat lack of jobs. With these two reasons, hot female pretenders would chase you.

Cougar and sugar mommas

Are you a handsome and younger type of a guy? Free hookup for singles. Thousands of super successful women in San Diego will be just happy to get involved with you. Consider some sponsorship from their side too.

Guides and resort workers

With the local economy mostly based on touristic business, no less than 3 mln. of citizens are into leisure services. Having you as a client, sexy girls are easier to approach.



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